Shabbat & Holiday Candles - Single Pack of 10

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Single pack of 10 all natural, 100% beeswax Shabbat-sized candles. These candles are appropriate for Shabbat, Jewish holiday celebrations, or for occasions where you would like a shorter taper. These beautiful golden-colored candles burn 99% clean, benefitting both our health and the environment. When burned, they produce negative ions that naturally clean the air. They are slow burning and virtually dripless (when placed in a draft-free environment), which makes for a less messy burn and easier cleanup. Their warm amber glow is soft and welcoming.

Why do we use 100% beeswax, and why is it more expensive than some other candles? Great question! Learn more here.

Our candles are made in the USA from 100% pure, American beeswax. A portion of every purchase benefits honeybee research at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Buying this product supports local small farm American beekeepers as well as scientific bee research in Israel. Good for the honeybees, good for the environment, good for the soul!

Candle Size: 4" x 3/4" - fits most standard Shabbat candlesticks
10 candles (5 pairs) per pack